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Welcome to the EU4Journalists website. Our foremost goal is to make the life of journalists covering the European Union a little easier – whether they are based in Brussels or elsewhere.

We hope to give our visitors background details and essential information about the way the EU works: its main actors, institutions and policies. We try to do this with as little jargon as possible. EU4Journalists works especially well as a starting point for journalists covering unfamiliar subjects in a hurry.

Our dossiers give a solid background on particular policy areas and the links in the site give ways forward to finding the latest new developments. Our EU Basics explains how the EU machinery works, for example, after a proposal for a piece of new European legislation has been put forward by the Commission. Our Contact Guide puts you in touch with people giving more detailed information, and maybe quotes, on the matter at hand.

EU4Journalists will always be a work in progress. New elements are added and old ones removed. We welcome suggestions and comments on how to improve the site.

Anne Autio
Managing Editor, EU4Journalists

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