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EU Press Service

3. Press at the Parliament

The European Parliament (EP) is the most open and accessible of the EU's main institutions. All its meetings are held in public and members, the MEPs, are usually eager to speak on the record to reporters, as it provides them with valuable exposure among their electorates. The EP makes available a well-equipped press room for visiting reporters, both in Strasbourg and Brussels. The Europe by Satellite (EbS) service also covers Parliament meetings and press briefings, check EbS at the EP for a weekly schedule.

EP Press officers

The European Parliament's Press Service comprises a team of press officers whose job it is to assist journalists and provide them with information on what is going on in Parliament.

Unlike the Commission, the EP does not hold daily press briefings, but it does have a pre-session press conference in its Brussels headquarters at 11:00 am on the Friday before the monthly meetings in Strasbourg. These Parliament sessions run from Monday evening until Thursday afternoon, roughly every fourth week, with mini-sessions held in Brussels on a similar interval. There is also a final briefing in Strasbourg on the Monday afternoon at 4:30 before the start of the session. You’ll find a list of the plenary press officers here.

Most MEPs are very knowledgeable, particularly in their fields of expertise. However, if you cannot get hold of a politician, or he/she is unfamiliar with the legislation in question, try the EP Press service or the EP Committee’s Press officers (see Contact Guide). Press officers of the main political groups are also easily available.

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