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EU Press Service

1. What's the story?

The best - and the worst - thing about reporting Brussels is the vast amount of information the European institutions disseminate every day. Especially for journalists living outside Brussels, the mass of press releases coming from the many different institutions and organisations under the EU umbrella may seem overwhelming.

However, all the EU institutions have press officers, who are willing to help. Their contact information can be found on the Contact Guide of EU4Journalists. Also, a number of think tanks, web-info services, institutions and NGOs keep lists of the EU Agenda, which helps when deciding which meeting or subject to follow in a busy week. The EU Press Room is the ultimate source of all official information of the European Union.

The upside is that there rarely is a lack of story ideas about the EU in any given day, in Brussels or elsewhere in the Union.

EU accreditation
Visiting journalists with national accreditation can attend EU press events by contacting the press room team by fax (+32 2 299 4770) or e-mail, giving 24 hours notice if possible. Special accreditation is usually needed for specific events (such as major press conferences with increased security measures or European Councils) for security reasons.

Permanent accreditation to the European Commission entitles journalists, TV crews and photographers to an entry card which is also recognised by the Council and the European Parliament. It also makes accreditation to EU special events, e.g. summits, easier and quicker. Permanent accreditation requires proof of professional status as well as proof that the journalist has his/her main or secondary residence in or near Brussels.

Accreditation is conferred by DG Communication on the advice of the Advisory Committee on Accreditation, with representatives from the DG Communications, the International Press Association, the Council of the EU and the European Parliament. Request form for EU accreditation can be filled here

Person to contact for accreditation:
Soldati Pier Cirillo
Tel: +32 2 299 0170
Fax: +32 2 299 4770

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