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Online EU info

1. A-Z of useful links to EU info

The following is a list of links to websites containing EU information, useful for journalists covering the EU. The sites are divided into official EU sites, affiliated or semi-official sites and finally independent sites dealing with EU-related matters.

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Official EU sites

  • Europa The EU's and the European Commission’s principal web server covering EU affairs and the latest on European integration. This portal provides access to the websites of the EU institutions for information about policies, administration, the Treaties, legislation in place and pending, etc. Most pages are available in all EU languages.

  • EU Press room The main source of official EU press releases and other information directed to journalists.

  • Who's Who
    Commission Directory. May help find an official dealing with a specific policy issue.

  • European Parliament Multilingual information on the European Parliament's activities, committees, parties, etc; also features full text reports and briefing papers on a large variety of topics.

  • Council of the European Union Up-to-date news and information from the Council, covering the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), Justice and Home Affairs, and more. The site includes a database of Council documents and EU Agreements.

  • European Commission

  • Court of Justice of the European Communities Overview of the European Court, with some valuable press information, publications, and full text of the Court proceedings, as well as recent case law.

  • European Court of Auditors Annual reports of EU accounts, notes, plus some publications available for the press.

  • European Central Bank Manages monetary policy for the euro area countries, providing press info, publications, procedures, policies, functions and staff information.

  • European Investment Bank The site of the EU's key financing institution is a useful source of EU economic data, press releases and information on borrowing and loan operations, staff, and publications in English, French and German.

  • Committee of the Regions Publications, press releases and more.

  • European Economic and Social Committee Apolitical advisory body to the Commission, the European Parliament and Council, bringing civil society to the EU level – documents, various press material, national representatives and specialists; good for quotes in multiple languages.

  • European Ombudsman First appointed in 1995 by the European Parliament, is the target for anyone who has a complaint; for journalists, this site in all EU languages offers a good 'insider's outsider' point of view on EU law as it affects EU citizens near and far.

  • CORDIS Short for ‘Community Research and Development Information Service’, funded by the Commission. It hosts a range of R&D and innovation websites and is backed up by an extensive database of EU-funded projects across Europe. Note the ‘Gateway to National and Regional Activities’.

  • Eurostat Official EU statistics gathering organisation. The complete EU in numbers and tables.

  • European Anti-Fraud Office OLAF Protects the interests of the European Union, to fight fraud, corruption and other irregular activities, including misconduct within the European institutions. It also provides a Press Room.

  • EUR-Lex The Portal to European Law' includes EU law databases, documents and services, including the Official Journal of the European Union and the acquis communitaire – body of Community law.

  • Pre-Lex
    The database on inter institutional procedures. It enables you to follow the major stages of the decision making process between the Commission and the other institutions. Also includes the names of the people involved.

  • European Commission Libraries Catalogue
    References to some 350,000 titles on European affairs covering the last 20 years.

  • White Papers
    Documents containing proposals for Community action in a specific area; list dating back to 1985.

  • Green Papers
    Communications by the European Commission which set out a range of ideas presented for public discussion and debate; list dating back to 1984.

  • Treaties
    Short summary and links to the main legislative texts laying down the foundations for the functioning of the EU.

  • Tenders Electronic Daily (TED)
    Lists all EU public tenders and calls for proposals, supplements the Official Journal of the European Union, which is published every working day in all EU languages.

Affiliated EU sites

  • A-Z Index to the European Union
    Provided by the delegation of the European Commission to the US, this site offers a useful look at the EU from an outsider’s perspective. The A-Z index links to internal pages as well as to external EU websites and specialised agencies and sites in Europe. Recommended site for EU novices.

  • Agencies of the European Union
    A number of specialised and decentralised EU agencies have been established to support the member states and their citizens. This is the portal to all of them, some of which are also separately listed below.

  • European Agency for Safety and Health at Work
    Interesting potential source of information and statistics on the legal aspects of industrial and occupational health and safety issues at the EU level, including activities, research, and developments in the member states as such.

  • European Medicines Agency (EMEA)
    Information and documents on drug approval procedures across the EU, including press releases, check out the publications and use the topic finder.

  • European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop)
    Background information and documentation on the vocational issues in Europe; multilingual site offering useful contact information, directory and publications to purchase.

  • European Environment Agency (EEA)
    The latest information on environmental issues affecting the EU and abroad – various reports, services, organisational and staff details. Main site in English, basic information in all EU languages.

  • European Police Office (Europol)
    Provides an overview of Europol’s activities, especially in tackling organised crime, with annual reports, its founding convention, press information, and links to national enforcement agencies.

  • Translation Centre for the Bodies of the EU
    Established in 1994, the Translation Centre's mission is to meet the translation needs of the other decentralised Community agencies.

Independent sites

  • BrusselsAgenda
    An interactive events portal for EU meetings in Europe and beyond. Also features a social network where users can post, edit and manage all of their European affairs and events.

  • Cafe Babel
    The first multilingual European current affairs magazine, designed for readers across borders. wants to "revolutionise European media through participatory journalism, providing a unique platform of expression for the eurogeneration".

  • Centre for European Policy Studies(CEPS)
    Founded in Brussels in 1983, CEPS is among the most experienced and authoritative think tanks operating in the EU. Events, publications, research, experts to interview.

  • Centre for European Reform
    CER, an independent think-tank, regards European integration as largely beneficial but acknowledges that the EU is not perfect. Aims to promote new ideas, debate and policies for reforming the Union.

  • European Policy Centre EPC
    An independent, not-for-profit think tank, "committed to making European integration work". Publications and papers available on the web-site.

  • Europolitics
    An independent "European affairs daily", online and on paper. Some articles are free, others are only available for subscribers. News as well as analyses on all EU policy areas.

  • Centre for the New Europe
    A non-profit, non-partisan research foundation based in Brussels. Acts as a forum for discussion, among other things, about the practical implications of EU policies. Site includes daily blogs and updates.

  • EU Associations
    Hyperion, an Irish Management organisation, offers a list of European Associations representing different sectors.

  • EUobserver
    An independent website with all the latest EU related news, updated daily; most articles accessible free of charge.

  • Euractiv
    An EU policy portal; it provides EU news, policy positions and EU actors online in English, partly in French and German, and is available for free.

  • europa-digital
    A comprehensive web-site about the EU and EU-related issues in German.

  • Europa Grande
    Online EU-discussion and blogs in Spanish.

  • European Round Table of Industrialists
    An informal forum bringing together around 45 CEOs of major multinational companies of European parentage. Interesting reports free of charge.

  • The Federal Trust
    A think tank that studies the interactions between regional, national, European and global levels of government. Founded in 1945. One of the most established education centres on European integration.

  • Federal Union
    Was founded in 1938 to campaign for federalism for the UK, Europe and the world.

  • Open Europe
    An independent think-tank calling for radical reform of the EU.

  • Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
    Always useful to consult for the up-to-date economic statistics, surveys and measures affecting not just the EU, but the whole world trading system.

  •, its news and bulletins briefing service, opens a window into the workings of the European parliament – and other EU institutions.

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