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Other EU news sources

1. Think tanks and EU media

In addition to the official sites of EU information, especially the EU Press Room, there are a large number of other sources of Europe-related news stories and policy updates worth taking a look at.

For the purpose of this website, we have put together a very selective list of organisations specialising in EU issues.

  • Agence Europe 'A look behind the news': international press and information agency (in English, French, Italian, German). Much of the content is pay-per-view but a free trial is offered.

  • AlphaGalileo Internet press centre for European science, arts, technology, health and society. Expanding its reach to include events lists, latest publications and more. Available to accredited journalists only no fees for journalists.

  • AthenaWeb
    A video portal for science and research communicators.

  • Centre for European Policy Studies This research centre which claims it is 'thinking ahead for Europe' produces policy research papers (for a fee) on a range of EU and world issues, plus some top-level info available free.

  • Clingendael
    Netherlands Institute of International Relations.

  • CORDIS EXPRESS Weekly web newsletter on the latest EU research and innovation activities and policies.

  • EIPA European Institute of Public Administration. Research and training for the public sector.

  • Enterprise Europe A newsletter of the European Commission’s Enterprise DG. You can subscribe to an e-mail alert service, which brings you the latest news on developments and policies affecting the world of business in the EU.

  • An independent website with all the latest EU related news, updated daily and with handy THIS WEEK IN THE EU section; most articles accessible free of charge.

  • Euractiv is an EU policy portal; it provides EU news, policy positions and EU actors online in English, partly in French and German, and is available for free.

  • Euro-correspondent A Brussels-based journalist network researching and writing stories on EU matters.

  • European Policy Centre Acting as an interface between government, business and civil society, EPC delivers policy briefings, summit reports, fora and has a regular newsletter downloadable for free.

  • European Voice The Economist Group’s weekly EU newspaper is distributed free of charge to MEPs and Commission officials. The website is for subscribers only, but there is free access to top stories.

  • OPOCE Newsletter The Publications Office Newsletter is issued quarterly. It is available free-of-charge online and as a paper subscription. The Newsletter provides the latest EU publications and articles on the latest developments in EU policies and activities.

  • European Research in Action Easy-to-read online leaflets on a variety of subjects, highlighting results of European research. For a wide audience.

  • Euranet A European radio network broadcasting in 13 different languages, an amalgamation of international, national, regional and local European broadcasters. Instead of national perspectives, Euranet covers events in Europe from a transnational point of view.

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